Maryland Health Insurance for Small Business

Maryland Health Connection for Small Business 

Maryland Health Connection helps small businesses in Maryland provide health insurance coverage to their employees. It's part of the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange which is the state-based health insurance marketplace established under the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare).

  1. Employee eligibility

    The Maryland Health Connection for Small Business program is for businesses with 2 to 50 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. To be eligible, at least one employee needs to enroll through the "Maryland Health Connection for Small Business". 

  2. Employer Contribution

    Participating employers are required to contribute a minimum percentage towards their employees' premium costs. The minimum varies by health insurance plan chosen per employee. This contribution is for the employees' coverage only and you're not obligated to contribute towards dependent coverage (coverage for family members of the policyholder, i.e. children, spouses, or partners.)        

    Employers and employees alike share the responsibility of providing health insurance coverage and making it affordable for everyone involved.

  3. Insurance Plan Options

    There are various health insurance plans from many insurance carriers. As an employer, you have the flexibility to choose from a range of coverage options that suit the needs of your employees. These plans include different levels of benefits and cost-sharing arrangements. The best part is that all the plans available through the program meet the essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act.

  4. Online Marketplace

    For your convenience, it operates through an online marketplace. Create an account on the Maryland Health Connection website and provide information about your business and employees. The website allows an easy way to compare multiple health insurance plans so you can select the one that best fits your needs.

    And it's not just for employers! Your employees can also use the marketplace here to enroll, making the process seamless and hassle-free for everyone involved.

  5. Tax Credits

    When you participate in the "Maryland Health Connection for Small Business", you may be eligible for tax credits that can help offset the costs of providing health insurance to your employees. These tax credits are available to small businesses that meet certain criteria. They can help manage the financial aspects of offering health insurance coverage. The program can assist you in determining your eligibility for these tax credits, ensuring you take advantage of any available financial benefits to support your small business.

    As of 2023, the 
    tax credit is highest for employers who pay an average annual wage of $28,000 (adjusted for inflation) or less with 10 or fewer FTE employees.

    Click here to estimate your tax credit

  6. Enrollment Period for Maryland Health Connection for Small Business

    The annual open enrollment period usually takes place towards the end of the year, starting in November and extending through December. However, specific dates may vary each year, so it's important to check the official Maryland Health Connection website for the most up-to-date information.

    It's worth noting that small businesses may also qualify for special enrollment periods outside of the annual open enrollment period under certain circumstances. These special enrollment periods may be triggered by qualifying events such as the loss of other group health coverage or other life events that impact eligibility for health insurance. In such cases, businesses and employees may have an opportunity to enroll or make changes to their coverage outside of the standard enrollment period.

    visit the official website today or call their Toll-free call center at 1-855-642-8572 for guidance through the process to provide specific details for your business.

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