Who Needs Pressure Washer Insurance?

Pressure washers can cause erosion, staining, & cracks 😟. These professionals ought to have pressure washer insurance:

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1. Pressure Washing Businesses Need Pressure Washing Insurance

If you own a pressure washing business this insurance would protect you from potential liabilities like property damage, bodily injury to third parties, or damage caused by faulty equipment.

Mishandling high-pressure equipment while pressure washing is dangerous, it can cause unintentional surface damage. This can involve issues like paint stripping, wood denting, or concrete cracking. These damages can lead to financial losses and negatively impact the business's reputation. How awful would it be to dent a wood panel and lack the coverage to pay for it.

2. Contractors Need Pressure Washer Insurance

Contractors working pressure washers such as construction contractors, painting contractors, or property maintenance companies, should consider getting pressure washer insurance. It offers protection against potential damages or injuries that are common in your industry while using pressure-washing on client properties.

3. Property Managers Need to Get Pressure Washing Insurance 

Property managers often underestimate the importance of pressure washing insurance. Some property managers rely on external contractors or vendors for pressure washing services. They may assume the responsibility for insurance coverage lies with the service provider and that they are adequately protected under the contractor's policy. However, it's important to verify the contractor's insurance coverage to ensure proper protection.

Property managers responsible for maintaining and cleaning both commercial and residential properties need pressure washer insurance. It provides coverage in case of accidents, property damage, or injuries that may occur during pressure washing activities.

4. Do Not Overestimate General Liability Coverage!

Managers might believe that their general liability insurance policy already covers pressure washing activities. While general liability insurance covers common accidents or injuries, it may not specifically address the unique risks associated with pressure washing, such as property damage from high-pressure equipment or pollution caused by chemical runoff. What does General Liability Cover?

5. Mobile Detailers and Car Wash Businesses

Mobile Detailers and Car Wash Businesses often use pressure washers as part of their cleaning process and having pressure washer insurance can help protect against damages to vehicles, property, or injuries that may occur during their operations.

6. Bonus! Custom Policies & Extra Endorsements

Pressure washing insurance does not typically cover equipment maintenance and repairs as a standard component of the policy (ask for add-ons ). That being said, regular maintenance of machines, hoses, and nozzles, is still essential to ensure optimal performance and prevent breakdowns. 

Equipment failures can disrupt services, leading to revenue loss and costly repairs or replacements.

Additional specialized policies or endorsements can help. Equipment breakdown or equipment protection insurance, as they are called, can assist in covering the expenses associated with repairing or replacing pressure washing equipment in case of mechanical breakdowns, electrical failures, or other covered perils.

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